Avengers: Age of Ultron release date India & Philippines

Avengers: Age of Ultron release date Find the release date of movie Avengers: Age of Ultron in India and Philippines. It is one of the most anticipated movies of 2015 and will be a sequel to Marvel’s Avengers. Superheroes will once again re-unite to fight against the evil and to save the Earth. According to the plot of the movie, one of the inventions of Tony Stark didn’t go well and now it is known as Ultron who thinks that human beings are his biggest enemy.

Release date in India: May 2015

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is releasing worldwide on May 1, 2015.

Release date in Philippines: May 2015

Starring: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Don Cheadle.


Praybeyt Benjamin 2 cast, trailer and review

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin 2Sequel to The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin titled as The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin 2 is releasing on December 25, 2014 in Philippines starring Vice Ganda in the role of Benjamin Santos VIII.

First movie in this series made the history by hitting the P300 million mark. Along with Vice Ganda it will star  Julia Barretto, Daniel Padilla,  and Richard Yap. Movie will enter 40th Metro Manila FilmFestival (MMFF) this year.

Director: Wenn V. Deramas.

Writer(s): Keiko Aquino , Wenn V. Deramas.

Cast: Vice Ganda, Richard Yap, James Bimby Aquino.


The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin Full Trailer

300 Rise of an Empire Yify Subtitles

300: Rise of an Empire Yify subtitlesDownload yify Subtitles for movie 300: Rise of an Empire in all languages for free. This is the second movie in the blockbuster 300 franchise starring Sullivan Stapleton as Greek general Themistokles. After Xerxes’ father Darius I of Persia  gets killed by Themistokles, Xerxes begins his journey through the desert. Xerxes finally reaches a cave and bathes in an otherworldly liquid, emerging as the “God-King”.

YIFY subtitles: 300 Rise of an Empire Yify Subtitles.

The Vampire Diaries: Christmas Through Your Eyes subtitles

The Vampire diaries: Christmas Through Your Eyes subtitlesThe Vampire Diaries: Christmas Through Your Eyes subtitles download: It is going to be 10 and the second last episode of The Vampire diaries season 6 drama. And if we count from the beginning then this is going to be some 121st episode of TVD. This is going to be the last episode of TVD which will release in 2014. After that you will be able to see the next episode in 2015. This episode is airing on December 11, 2014.

Events of the episode will take place around or on Christmas day.


Plot:  Christmas holidays are coming near so Bonnie attempts to replicate her favorite traditions, while remembering her happier times with her friends. After Jo goes missing, Alaric turns to Damon and Elena for help.

You can also download TVD: I Alone subtitles.

Subtitles: Christmas Through Your Eyes subtitles



The Vampire Diaries (I Alone) Season 6 Episode 9 subtitles

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 subtitlesDownload subtitles for The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode #9 titled as ‘I Alone’. This is going to be 120th episode of the blockbuster series. Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular shows of the CW. It is about a girl named Elena Gilbert who falls in love with a vampire. But the story becomes complicated as the older brother of Stefan returns to the town and falls in love with Elena. In the previous episode you saw Elena getting some positive news from Alaric and Stefan regarding the Gemini Coven. In the episode ‘I Alone’ you will see Damon finding himself in hot water after he carries out a plan that requires Alaric’s unwilling participation.  Stefan finally meets his relative Sarah Salvatore. Elena shares hopeful news about Bonnie with with Jeremy and gets surprised upon seeing his reaction. You will see Liv helping Damon and Elena in getting Bonnie back. She gets caught in an unexpected choice. Also a lot of action from the side of Matt and Kai. You will find subtitles for I Alone episode of The Vampire Diaries here in all languages.

Episode release date: December 4, 2014

Genre: Supernatural.

Episode 10 will mark the last episode of the show this year.

Download subtitles for The Vampire Diaries I Alone : Subtitles for Season 6 Episode 9 of The Vampire Diaries will be available soon. You will find subtitles on this page as soon as the episode releases.

I Alone promo

Watch the exclusive promo of what will happen in the next episode that is scheduled to release on the Thursday night.

Dumb and Dumber To Yify subtitles

Dumb and Dumber To subtitlesYify subtitles for movie Dumb and Dumber To in all languages for free. This is the second movie in the Dumb and Dumber movie series starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Movie plot features Harry and Lloyd on a new adventure where they are trying to find a donor who could give Harry, a kidney. Movie starts with Harry visiting Lloyd in a mental institution. Lloyd decides to leave with Harry from the institution and they both goes to Harry’s apartment. There he comes to know about the Harry’s bad medical condition that he needs a kidney. Now both of them decide to find a donor who can donate his one kidney to Harry.

Harry’s dad gives him a letter which was sent about 20 years ago by Harry’s girlfriend. After reading the letter Harry comes to know about her daughter Fanny. Now He things that he has a chance to find fanny and convince her for giving him a kidney. So they begin their adventure and their first stop is the house of Fanny’s adoptive parents.

Dumb and Dumber To Yify subtitles: Will be available soon.

Run-time: 109 min

Subtitles: All languages
Release date: November 14, 2014
Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

IMDB : 6.7

10 Mint full HD video with Lyrics – Sippy Gill & Megha Sharma

10 Mint HD Video with lyricsWatch HD video of latest Punjabi song ’10 mint- Kothe te chad ke sun lai’ featuring Sippy Gill and Megha Sharma. Lyrics are penned by Happy Raikoti and music is given by Laddi Gill.

Title  – 10 Mint

HD Video – Kothe te Chad ke sun layee

Lyrics – Happy Raikoti
Music – Laddi Gill
DOP – Ashwani Thaper
Editor – Gaurav K Mehra
Directed by – Jashan Nanarh
Mix and Master – Sameer Charegoankar
Label – Speed Records

10 Mint lyrics


Thoda ghar teeji patti
Khadku gi pind vichaale [repeat]

Sadd di aa maut ohna di
Main tan c laounda taale
Beh gye oh sire chhed ke
Machde angyaran te

Kothe te chad ke sun layee
Khadke hathiyaran de[repeat]

Oh ! tere pind vich vajju geda
Rokuga raah ni jehda
Ohde te varna takkua
PGI laa du dera [repeat]

Jiddan de asin deewaane
Na vekhe muh haaran de
Kothe te chad ke sun layee
Khadke hathiyaran de[repeat]

Lya oye sera aaj teri bhabi naal gal bat kar liye

Pta ni kithe luki bathi aa

Nayak Nahi Khalnayak hu main

Julmi Bada Dukh Dayak hu main’

Ni yeh pyar kya mainu ki khabar

Bs yaara nafrat ke layak hu main
Oh mirja ni jaani mainu
Jo jhand thalle haar gya
Jatt da mainu putt na aakhin [repeat]
Paira vich maut khed di ankhi sardaran de
Kothe te chad ke sun layee
Khadke hathiyaran de[repeat]

Oh ! Balliye tere yaar da dera
Ghundiya kirpana te [repeat]

Happy Raikoti khol du jindre shamsaana de

Vekhi na paani fer di jatt de aitbaran te
Kothe te chad ke sun layee
Khadke hathiyaran de[repeat]

Check out the latest song 10 Mint “Kothe te chad ke Sun Li” sung by sippy Gill.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Yify subtitles

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies subtitlesYify subtitles for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in all languages for free. This is the last movie of the Hobbit trilogy and picks up right where the second movie leaves off. Thorin and his company has taken the control over lonely mountain and all of its treasure. Dragon’s fury is raining over the laketown and Thorin is on the verge of sacrificing his honor and friendship. You will not see a lot of ‘Bilbo Baggins’ in this part. Thorin is the main character of the movie around which most of the story revolves. As an epic battle is on the verge of happening, the races of Men, Elves and Dwarves must decide whether to unite, fight, or die.

Run-time: 144 min

Subtitles: All languages
Release date: December 17, 2014
Director: Peter Jackson
Writer: Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens
Actors: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace and Luke Evans.

Yify Subtitles: Will be added soon.

IMDB : 9.4

Exodus: Gods and Kings Subtitles

Exodus: Gods and Kings subtitlesDownload Exodus: Gods and Kings subtitles in all languages for free in SRT format. It tells the story of Moses who rose against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses and set the 600,000 slaves free from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of tyranny. Movie tells the biblical story of Moses, how he escaped from a sudden death as an infant when the king ordered to kill all the male infants of Hebrew slaves. He was placed in a basket and was sent down along the Nile river. There King’s sister Queen Bithia founds him and raises him as an Egyptian. But his true Hebrew blood makes him to stand against the Pharaoh and to challenge him.

Movie stars Christian Bale as Moses along with Joel Edgerton, John Turturro and Aaron Paul.

Release date: December 12, 2014

Run-time: 150 minutes

Director: Ridley Scott

Writer:  Adam Cooper and Bill Collage.

IMDB: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Run-time: 150 minutes


Exodus: Gods and Kings

Also check out Exodus: Gods and Kings DVD release date.


Exodus: Gods and Kings subtitles download: We will update this page with the subtitles of the movie as soon as any of our users submits them. You can also share the links of the correct subtitles for movie if you find them anywhere. Please write in comments, share and rate the subtitles. Also let us know if you find any wrong ones.


Paddington (2014) subtitles

Paddington subtitlesDownload Paddington subtitles in all languages for free in SRT format. Paddington is a story of a bear who loves everything British and keeps a desire to visit there sometime. The gets the chance and he reaches the Paddington station in London but the things for him did not go well. Soon he gets lost their and he begins to regret his decision. But then a family sees the poor bear alone at station and takes him with them. Things again become well for the bear until he catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.

Ben Whishaw is the man behind the bear’s voice and the other  cast includes Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, and Julie Walters. This is a family comedy movie directed by Paul King.

Release date: November 28, 2014

Run-time: 95 minutes

Director: Paul King

Writer: Michael Bond and Paul King.

IMDB: 7.9

Paddington Subtitles: Subtitles for movie Paddington will be available on this page as soon as some user submits them. Our site only list perfect subtitles for every language. Users rates them and submits them.

You can also find Paddington DVD release date here.

Critics overview:

IMDB users have given it a rating of 7.9 which is very good for a comedy movie. On Rotten Tomatoes it has 95% positive rating.